3,785 days left, a college campus vision

So I found this small town that I stay in for the time that I’m working. I have recently met up with a group of people who are looking to buuild a museum for this “city” of 14,000; 24,000 if you count the nearby prison population.

This group consists of 3 “officiall” individuals and a handful of volunteers. The goal is to build a museum for this small city, as of right now they have a handful of displays dispersed amongst stores along the mains street. The main street is basically 1/2 mile from the Amtrak station to the former YMCA.

It was fate that I meet these people who want to build a museum. Look up my video posted to MBIFresno.com and you’ll understand that I have a plan to create the greatest museum the state has ever seen. I believe that this is the city I was destined to meet. They have $14,000 and putting together their first fund-raiser. They are in their infancy and it is only a matter of time before they get the ball rolling and I think I have something to contribute–look at the video and you’ll know what I’m talking about. This Main Street is the perfect scenario for what I’m looking to creat: a college campus. Yes, this small city’s Main Street can become the greatest college campus in the nation. Tuition free.


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