3,783 Days. Political leaninngs.

Let me spill the beans to you about my political affiliations. I’m not affiliated with any group or party, but I do have favorites I want to win. For the 2012 elections my choice without a doubt was Ron Paul. I, as a veteran of military service knew without a doubt that Ron Paull with his constitutional beliefs was and still is everything this country needs in a president: a lover of liberty with a hard-on for the Constitution.

The last person we need as a president is a lawyer/politician. Those types only know how to get people to like them whatever the cost. A lot of people make believe that lawyers (turned polliticians) who know the law are the best candidates for the executive office. What is better than that is a consitutionalist who knows the constitution, not a lawyer who knows the laws. There is a huge difference. The Consitution details what you should have, like rights. Law on the other hand details all the things you should not have, should not do, should not be, like stolen property, murder, or a rapist respectively. A lawyer as president will focus on the things you should not have, should not do, should not be, like liberty, thinking independently, and being free respecively. A constitutionalist focuses on the things you should have and do, like Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Let me tell you how I was going to get Ron Paul elected in the election of 2012. Obviously I didn’t get him elected, but you’ll get my strategy. I purchased 1,000 Ron Paul bumper stickers on eBay. I spent the entire year before the election finding Ron Paul supporters over the internet. I offered them a free Ron Paul bumper sticker all they had to do was send me their mailing address to an email I set up. I managed to send out about 900 of them. I paid for the postage myself and spent many hours finding these individuals. I also included a chain letter with each bumper sticker asking the recipient to buy 10 Ron Paul bumper stickers (not from me, I wasnt selling them) and find people over the internet who wanted a free bumber sticker. When they send itt out, they include a copy of the chain letter. The idea behind that was exponential growth eventually every person who supported Ron Paul would have a bumper sticker and as long as a majority of recipients participated. Theoretically, the bumper sticker chain letter was more efficient than donating to campaigns, about 10x more efficient because the money contributed remained in control of contributor and nothing is wasted on useless spending. Maybe I should start a bumper sticker chain letter for every candidate next election– it is not my goal to get someone elected, but to get the people off their butts and care about our democratic process.

Of course he didn’t win, but what I’ve come to realize is that democracy is no longer by the people for the people. Anyone who is elected has made too many promises to too many special interests. The people are thought of last. That is what lawyers do, they lie and weesel their way to the win no matter the price, people are an after-thought.

“Why is Hitler so demonized? He was able to gain consensus, and consensus is a key factor of Democracy”


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