3,784 days until the Presidential election. Time is Circular, I’ll prove it.

I’m going to prove that time is circular by winning the election of 2024; predicting it 10 years in advance. I will not campaign or ask for a vote. I will win by solving two of our country’s biggest problems before I’m even considered for the election. The prison overcrowding problem and the cost of higher education (student debt). I am building my plans to correct both social obstacles from the ground up until they span the nation. Here’s the kicker, if you find the solution to one, you will have laid the ground work for the other.

“Tough on crime” is a shitty phrase. It’s a shameful phrase because no one really asks: how exactly? It usually boils down to costing the tax payers more money; more police and a larger prison system. Except the police will spend a good amount of time handing out tickets to law abiding citizens who have jobs and checking accounts, and each person thrown in prison will cost tax-payerss tens of thousands of dollars every year. Larger prisons and police forces are not an indicator of a good society. The key is to shrink both while increasing the quality of life for all citizens, and if it is possible to do just that with a single prong action it will be the most elegant solution.

Student debt sucks. What is debt in the first place? In general debt makes people work more. Once a student, who took out student loans graduates, the clock is ticking for that debt to be repaid. As the phrase goes time is money, so a mountain of student debt is essentially an IOU meaning you owe a certain amount of time to society. The exchange rate of your time to that debt is dependent upon hourly or salary rates or even getting a lump sum of money by making a great/innovative/or otherwise substantial one time contribution like selling a valuable piece of proerty. Hourly, salary or lump sums of money are the typical repayment strategies for the debt, lump sum being the rarer of the three. To eliminate tuition fees or to subsidize them would be a mistake because that will take away value of the education, not in reality but from the student’s perspective. To eliminate student debt, it must be done in a way that does not take value away from the education and does not require an amount of time to be repaid at a future date. Incorporate a time payment to the educational institute while the act of education was taking place but time must also be converted into money somewhere along the way. Lump sum is best because it is rare, so it has not had the kind of attention and analysis to be an effective part of the equation.

I don’t have the answers now, nor do I have an all encompassing plan yet but it’s coming together. The best solutions are bottom up solutions, not top down. Top down solutions can get things done, don’t get me wrong, but the most accurate, cost effective solution will always be bottom up solutions. And that is wheer I’m at right now, right at the bottom.

No one ever changed history by fitting in.


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